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Rally Stripes

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There are 11 mask sets per sheet, each including a "pinstriped" pair of Rally Stripes....basically, each of the thicker stripes also has a thinner stripe on both its sides!!!
Each set is just short of 11 inches long and the pair of stripes are a little more than 1/2 inch wide.

VERY Professional results can be realized with a little effort and careful placement, when aligning the masks on a surface. The smaller pinstripes are somewhat fragile however and if removed from the application film, are very hard to replace correctly, but, even with that in mind, I believe you will find these masks easy to use and the results quite impressive!!!

Each 11 inch long mask set is enough to add stripes on approximately 3-5 1/64th scale castings!!!
Which means you can get beautiful dual rally stripes on approximately 33 to 55 cars with just one sheet!!!
Of course, individual results will vary, and I cannot guaranty this number of castings will in fact be done per sheet, but, these masks WILL go a long way!!!

Now....one thing to consider is that these masks CANNOT be reused....they are multiple part designs, so, after they are applied, they cant be removed and reinstalled without severe misalignment issues.

KB Kustoms Pinstriped and flamed Pit Cruiser Bike!


However....you "CAN" (EXPERIENCED USERS ONLY) use the stripes SEPARATELY to create a "Single Stripe" OR "Pinstripe" effect.
Check out the Pit Bike at left....a Silver Pinstripe was created around the top portions using the smaller stripes and applying them "manually".

In the BEST CASE SCENARIO......if your intended surface is FLAT and NON-Curved....you may be able to simply apply the complete three stripe set of masks (WITH FILM), then remove the film and any stripes you do not wish to utilize.

But this may not be possible in every situation. Most of the time in fact, it will be necessary to apply the single stripe/mask manually, w/o film and then follow the body curves of the casting.
To do this, I offer a sheet WITHOUT FILM, which you may remove only one stripe at a time (remember, there is no film) and then adhere ONE end of the stripe at the end of the body (where you want the pinstripe) then LIGHTLY pull the stripe tight to remove slack...and then align the stripe along the body lines as required. When it is correctly placed...lightly "tamp" down the stripe to surface and check for "waves" or other distortions...adjust by carefully nudging the stripe in affected area with fingernail or NON-SCRATCH tool, such as a Teflon airbrush bottle "pickup tube".

AGAIN.....I DO NOT recommend the "NO FILM" version for new users and I do not guarantee a good result....even for experienced users, but...IT IS QUITE POSSIBLE to create a NICE Pinstripe effect using the no film version "manually"!

For New users, I highly suggest using the INNER WITH FILM version.

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