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4-20-2022 - BACK UP & RUNNING!!

So VERY Sorry!!!!  

Man, the site has been in self inflicted shut down for a very long time.  There have been some covid complications involved but mainly, its been my personal struggle with extensive loss of multiple close family members in a short span of time. One of which also was this sites shipping and production partner!! 

No apologies can make up for the down time and lack of response/customer service!! 

Grief and depression are very difficult to handle and I failed!.  
No excuses.  I definitely screwed up with long overdue orders.  There was just NO drive left in me.  Thus the reason to finally take the site offline.  In a very short period of time, starting in Nov. 2017 to just before Christmas 2020, I lost Mother, Wife, Father, AND younger Brother.  In addition I was caregiver for each of them. 
The pandemic situations complicated matters greatly, but grief and loss, really were, and still are extremely difficult to deal with even in the best of times. 
Things got so bad, I essentially just gave up on some things.  Oh I tried hard at first to keep up, but failed, and kept failing until eventually, it was clear I had to make a hard decision and stop taking orders that I would likely just refund payments for or for the more patient customers, get orders out weeks late if not much more.  I believe all those overdue orders were eventually either fulfilled or refunded, or both, but honestly I cant be certain a couple may not have slipped by me.  So if you had an unfulfilled order, PLEASE contact me.

  At the time of this note, all products remain as they were when the site went down.  I will be adding new products and updating stock of stencils in the near future.  However, I may stop offering the Max Skull stencils.  Thats still something I need to consider further, but they are so difficult to produce...ehhh.  We will see. 

Masks remain "made to order" at time of purchase,
Stencils are subject to stock "on Hand". 

Some pricing will be increasing, particularly in processing mask sheets "with film" (inner or outer only, inked) as this process takes much longer to complete than reflected in the past levels, many not changed in 10 years or more!

The good news is that I have completed many orders as of the time of this note and absolutely WILL do my best to restore and continue the service you expect and deserve.

Any problems, feel free to contact me via this site or our facebook page.

THANKS for your patience and continued support!!!



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